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We use only all natural tearless ​shampoos and conditioners. We also have  hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners for our special friends who have a more sensitive,dry skin. Even our flea shampoo is all natural Our products are all totally free of chemicals and sulfates.  

The comfort and safety of your pet is our top priority, so we always towel dry and use no heat dryers. 


Our talented team provides exceptional grooming service, and 
takes pride in giving you and your pet personalized attention. 

Full Service Grooming includes:

  •  Check for lumps, bumps, bugs, skin infection and any irregularities

  •   2 Baths with all natural shampoo and conditioner 

  • ​  Full brush out

  •   Haircut & Style

  •   Nails Clipped

  •   Ears cleaned and plucked ( if needed)

  •   ​Bows and or bandana

  •   Cologne

We also offer a streamlined service for the in-between full groomings.  
This "spruce-up" includes our standard bath, brush & blow out plus nail clipping and ears cleaning, feet and a sanitary trim.  

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Puppy First Hair Cut

Nothing is more important than your puppy's first trip to the groomer. We take our time to make sure the first grooming experience is as stress free and as pleasant as possible, so please allow a little more time than normal for this first appointment.  


Cats are certainly experts in the field when it comes to grooming. They have all the right tools at their disposal and usually do not need any help.  However, certain breeds require a little more attention.  Long haired cats whether they are domestic or purebred need a little assistance from the cat's special person to stay looking good and matt free. Regular brushings will keep a cats coat from getting matted and cut down on shedding and the dreaded dander.  If your cat does get matted, it can be very painful and the matts need to be removed to avoid skin infection. At Furry Friends,we specialize in cats.  We are experts at dealing with and handling your feline friend properly to make sure the grooming experience is as stress free as possible. One way we do this is not to muzzle them during grooming. Have any other cat questions? Behavior problems, food questions? Please give us a call. 

Services for cats:  We offer brush outs, dematting and nails clipping as well as baths and shave downs. 
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Grooming Services
Having your pet groomed is essential for keeping their coat and skin healthy. Regular visits can help reduce skin allergies and also rehydrate the skin to reduce doggie dandruff, shedding and the dreaded matts. Unlike humans who breathe in allergens, dogs absorb them through their skin. Sand, dirt, and oil build up in the coat which causes odor and can collect on furniture and carpets. 

To keep your pet healthy, happy and smelling great, we recommend keeping your pet on a regular 6 - 8 week grooming schedule. 
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